Process Development & Testing

Bring Us Your Toughest Mixing, Drying And Reacting Challenges, and you will learn why Littleford Day is the place "where processing ideas become reality".

For many of our customers around the world, a relationship with Littleford Day began with an idea, and a question.   Whether you're planning a new product, having processing difficulties with a current one, facing formula changes, trying to solve an environmental objective, or you simply need increased efficiency in your production, you can find the solutions you need.

Companies turn to us for Mixing, Drying and Reacting answers because we have a reputation for expertise unmatched throughout the industry.   Our unique Process Development and Testing Program can help you turn processing ideas into reality, and answer the myriad of questions that occur along the way.   Our Littleford Day engineers, chemists and technologists understand the specific processing requirements of your industry, and can recommend the best equipment and solutions for your specific needs.  

Equipment available for testing use includes a full complement of products - mixers, dryers, reactors, granulators, intensive mixers/coolers and support equipment such as filtering and vacuum drying systems.

One full day is recommended for the typical Process Development and Testing Program, which can include pre-mixing and post-mixing discussions and engineering reviews.   A confidential, detailed test report is provided so customers can quantitatively analyze the results of their test program.

There are many other side benefits that can evolve from your visit to our company.   We want you to tour our shop and have the opportunity to see firsthand how we build our equipment - the ruggedness of our designs and the care and quality of precision manufacturing that goes into our products. Visit our Engineering Department and witness the expertise and the magic of our Engineers at our CAD/CAM terminals.   We are continually challenging our organization for innovation and to continue our lead in pushing the state-of-the-art.

The Littleford Day Process Development and Testing Program is another example of our commitment to building long-term partnerships with our customers.   So put us to the test, and let us customize a process Development and Testing Program for your specific application.   It's truly amazing what you can do in a Littleford Day Mixer, Dryer or Reactor.