Process Equipment


Today’s powder mixing processing technology was born and driven to world prominence by John Howard Day, in 1887.

His efforts created the world recognized, J.H. Day Company, producing what is called today a “Ribbon Blender”. J.H. Day’s products, frequently shortened to simply “Day” have been sold worldwide for more than 100 years, becoming the backbone for basic powder processing in the western hemisphere.

J.H. Day Company, also known as Day Mixing, being located in Cincinnati, Ohio was ideally situated servicing the dramatically growing food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries of the mid to late 1900’s. The Ribbon Blender and Day became synonymous because of the thousands of units sold, clearly superior engineering design, reliability and Day’s outstanding service provided to customers.

During this same time frame, another well known American company – Littleford Bros., expanding upon their 100+ year Cincinnati industrial fabricating background, entered the process equipment industry at the forefront of high speed sophisticated mixing, drying and reacting for their customer’s processing applications.

In 1981 Littleford Bros. acquired the J.H. Day Company. This blend of two great companies – created a new company capable of identifying process solutions, understanding customer’s needs and proving process refinements in their extensive lab. This new company’s mission “Where Processing Ideas Become Reality” created the premier name in the industry – Littleford Day.

The new company leads in the manufacturing of high quality, price effective processing and plastic equipment while providing superb world class after sales service with more experience than any anyone in the world. Continuing the century + of traditions of total excellence, Littleford Day proudly presents the Day Ribbon Blender.