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LITTLEFORD DAY UNDERSTANDS THE DEMANDS OF TODAY’S PHARMACEUTICAL PROCESSING INDUSTRY… your company needs to continually reduce production costs while maintaining optimum product quality by:

  • Controlled processing and/or drying through effective/optimum mixing and heat transfer
  • Improved processing and/or drying rates
  • Increased process yields
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination
  • Efficient single unit processing for the entire process

Littleford Day equipment incorporates state-of-the-art engineering and design based on our detailed understanding of pharmaceutical processes and applications.

Our advanced pharmaceutical technologies have positively impacted the manufacturing processes of some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnical and nutraceutical companies, helping deliver the newest and highest quality products to the marketplace more quickly than ever before.  For Mixing or Drying, you can count on Littleford Day for the right equipment to meet your unique processing requirements.

The most effective way to ensure reproducible product quality from batch to batch is with advanced state-of-the-art instrumentation.  Littleford Day process control technologies allow you to monitor and analyze data throughout the entire pharmaceutical process.  The Littleford Day control technologies manage cycle times, temperatures and other process criteria critical to effective product quality control and end point determination.

FOR MIXING…A complete line of Littleford Day advanced mixing technologies offers unsurpassed speed, precision, efficiency and versatility.  For any type of mixing, granulating or liquid dispersing, there is a Littleford Day Mixing Technology engineered to achieve the results your processes require.

FOR DRYING…Littleford Day thermal processing technologies efficiently transform products from liquids to dry powders.  For unparalleled results, choose from three uniquely-designed Littleford Day pharmaceutical vacuum dryers, or a dryer equipped for both vacuum and hot air drying.

FOR REACTING…Advanced reacting technologies from Littleford Day offer distinct advantages over autoclave systems or slow moving ribbon or agitated vessels.  If your process requires highly controlled reactions and more effective heat transfer, choose a Littleford Polyphase® Reactor for efficient, single-unit processing of your multi-phase pharmaceutical materials.

Following are a few of the many applications and processes we excel in:







Validation Documentation is routinely supplied to our customers on all Pharmaceutical equipment.  IQ/OQ Protocol is also available as an option.

As part of the Pharmaceutical Industry, all Littleford Day processing equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry is efficiently manufactured under our control by Littleford Day, Inc. utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing including CNC cutting, CNC machining, and CNC milling equipment under the care and diligence of skilled craftsman and technicians to assure quality of manufacturing. All Pharmaceutical equipment is routinely manufactured in accordance with "GMP" and can be specified to meet or exceed all of the different sanitary regulations as detailed by the FDA, 3A, USDA and the Pharmaceutical Industry, making Littleford Day equipment the best Pharmaceutical equipment in the market today.

Littleford Day maintains a completely equipped test center and an extensive rental fleet to assist customers in process development.