Littleford Day Plastic and PVC Process Equipment

LITTLEFORD DAY MANUFACTURES SUPERIOR, RELIABLE EQUIPMENT TO THE PLASTIC INDUSTRY. Littleford Day's application expertise, technology, advances in design, engineering acumen, and advanced manufacturing tools and methods are all combined at Littleford Day, Inc. to resolve the most difficult and demanding problems facing our Plastic customers.



The production of all Littleford Day processing equipment for the Plastic Industry begins with the engineering of quality, performance, and reliability into every order specifically for each customer. This is accomplished utilizing the advanced engineering sciences of today including Finite Element Modeling and Analysis (FEA) and state-of-the-art three dimensional Computer Automated Design (CAD), integrated with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

As part of the Plastic Industry, all Littleford Day processing equipment is efficiently manufactured under our control by utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing including CNC cutting, CNC machining, and CNC milling equipment under the care and diligence of skilled craftsman and technicians to assure quality of manufacturing.

Littleford Day provides to the Plastic Industry unmatched levels of experience, technical expertise and service excellence. Littleford Day maintains a state-of-the-art Process Development & Technical Center to assist our Plastic customers in process development and scale-up.  Littleford Day also maintains an extensive rental fleet for our customers.

Littleford Day is without question, "where processing ideas become reality".